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Setting up your Homepage

Your homepage is the first page visitors will see when they arrive at your website. By default, the homepage will be the page displays all of your posts, beginning with the most recent.

To set one of the pre-made homepages as you homepage, within your admin dashboard navigate to Appearance > Customize.
Under the various drop-down tabs on the left of this screen, you’ll find loads of ways to customize your homepage and website in general.

Click on the Homepage Settings. Then select “A static page” option.
Under homepage dropdown, select one, for example “Home v1“. Click on “Publish” blue button at the top.

To edit your homepage layout, navigate to Dashboard > Pages > hover over Home v1 and click on Edit link. The page will be opened in default WordPress editor called Gutenberg. Here you can click on any layout block and customize it with its options on the right side panel.