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Customizing Appearance

After installing the theme and all theme required plugins, navigate to Appearance > Customize.

Here you’ll have access to all the theme’s configuration settings. Each setting is commented and very straight-forward and should be easy to understand and configure.

Theme supports live preview of all customizations, so you may preview any changes before saving them.


There’re numerous color controls in theme options. All colors can be configured in Appearance > Customizer > Colors Settings

Use the unlimited color picker by clicking and dragging your cursor inside the picker area to highlight a color on the right. You can also input Hex or RGB values to search for a particular color in the field above the color swatch.


All typography settings can be found in Appearance > Customizer > Typography Settings.

Note: Even though you may individually setup each typography element, please make sure you use max two font families in order to keep your website loading fast.

Archives Layout

General archives layout settings can be found in Appearance > Customize > General > Layout Settings. The section includes global settings for archive and its sidebar layout.

Posts & Pages

In Appearance > Customize > Posts Settings or Page Settings tabs you may control global Post/Page settings.

Addional post blocks, like Post Author, Post Tags, Comments, Post Pagination, Related posts, Share icons etc can also be control from here.

Theme supports several types of Post Header which can be control in Appearance > Customize > Post Settings and also on per-page basic. For example if you open any post in WordPress editor, then on the right side panel you’ll see “Page Header” dropdown options which when selected and post saved, will affect only that one particular post.